Hivetronics was founded by Cory Cauvier and his two partners to develop technology solutions to assist in day to day beekeeping operations.  Cory has been a beekeeper since 2014 and has hosted an on-line web site  Cory started his own honeybee research by installing temperature sensors and successfully documented; two swarms; internal vs extreme external temperatures; and robbing from adjacent hives.

Hivetronics recognizes there is a need to support the individual beekeeper.  Our technology will provide simple, cost effective tools for measuring and monitoring hive activity.  Using our easy to deploy hive monitoring kits, you will be able to monitor your hive information using your smart phone.  We want to give beekeepers the facts about individual hives at an affordable price.  This allows the beekeeper to observe their apiary on a per hive basis.



Letter from the President

“I originally got into beekeepering because I thought beekeeping would be a fun hobby and pastime.  As many beekeepers know it can quickly turns into an obsession.  My experience was no exception.  Now I bring that obsession and dedication to building useful beehive instrumention. I look forward to working with all the beekeepers and the Hivetronics team.”


Cory Cauvier installing his first ever hive

Cory Cauvier

President of Hivetronics Ltd.