In the past, beekeepers have had to work around gaps in technology to ensure their hives are healthy.  From pest control to weighing hives, beekeepers have had to get creative.  With all the technology advances available to beekeepers today, they are still finding themselves having to work around these gaps for weighing their hives.  Our Portable Hive Scale (PHS 2.0) has helped bridge that gap. It brings affordability, portability and accuracy to the apiary.

The Portable Hive Scale (PHS2.0) lifts and weighs the hive. This makes capturing hive weights quick and easy
Product Details
PHS2.0 can weigh from any side of the hive. Including Warre, Langstroth or 5 frame Nucleus hives.
Product Details

Customer Quotes

“I am extremely impressed with the latest version. We weighed 51 hives in under an hour and a half.  It is extremely accurate.”

– Halcomb Honey and Hives