How aI is Stopping the next Great Flu Earlier than It Begins

By training an AI on this dataset, researchers hope to extra shortly decide whether a possible therapy will cause severe uncomfortable side effects or not. The staff then skilled a second program to generate trillions of potential chemical compound constructions and fed these again into Sam, which set about deciding whether or not they’d be efficient. As a substitute of systematically trying each potential therapy manually, researchers can use an AI to sort by means of huge databases of candidate compounds and recommend those most prone to be effective. In 2019, researchers at Flinders College in Australia used an AI to “turbocharge” a standard flu vaccine so that the physique would produce higher concentrations of antibodies when exposed to it. The crew, led by Flinders College professor of medicine Nikolai Petrovsky, first constructed the AI Sam (Search Algorithm for Ligands). Sam Michael CIO for the Nationwide Center for Advancing Translational Sciences which helped create the database, instructed Engadget. Sam is educated to differentiate between molecules that are efficient against the flu from those that aren’t.

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